Grandparents Make Internet Memes


Grandparents Make Memes

We’ve come to realize that few things are as entertaining and hilarious as grandparents. We also think that internet memes are pretty damn great so we decided to mix our two loves and create the first addition of ‘Grandparents Make Internet Memes’.

We asked our staff members to send a few pictures to their grandparents via email. All of our grandparents were asked to reply to the email with ‘internet meme style’ captions for each of the photos. Once we received their replies, we created the memes by adding their captions to the relevant photos.

The photos sent to our grandparents were a mix of public domain and actual family photos. The captions that we received back from our grandparents range from pretty damn funny, mildly offensive, and “grandparents just don’t understand memes”.


This is what happens when – Grandparents Make Internet Memes


Meme #1


Grandmothers Favorite Dog - Meme



Meme #2


Japanese Frogs - Meme


Meme #3


Pee In The Pool - Meme