That Snooze Button: Animals Who Don’t Know how to Wake Up

Sleep is a biological need that absolutely everybody needs. There’s no question about it—people would rather starve to death and not die without sleep. It’s an essential need that helps you to have a healthy lifestyle. Other animals—we are animals too, after all—are different, however.

This list consists of animals you’d most rather see asleep than awake. From the small to the big, here are the animals that made this list.


Sleep time: 14.9 hrs

At 14.9 hrs, there are a number of activities we could have accomplished, but not the squirrel. While you might see them actively seeking food, the fact is they’re quite the sleepers. They’re asleep for almost half the day, although they are quite active when they’re awake.


Sleep time: 15.8 hrs

For all their ferocity, the mighty tiger is just essentially a big cat, after all. Cats have cat naps and the tiger is no different. It needs a longer time of sleep than the minute squirrel—and rightfully so. If you’ve seen the mighty tiger hunt, you’ll now know where it gets the energy to do that.


Sleep time: 18 hrs

For such a large animal, there’s no wonder why the python needs all that sleep time. After all, it spends much energy in hunting for animals larger than itself, then another half of that energy swallowing it whole. It then spends most of its sleeping time presumably digesting and storing that energy for another big hunt.

Giant Armadillo

Sleep time: 18.1 hrs

It just seems that the larger the animal, the longer the time it spends sleeping. The giant armadillo spends most of its time doing the opposite of hunting—defending itself from attacks. There’s nothing like a relaxing nap of 18 or more hours as a reward for staying alive.


Sleep time: 22 hrs

The koala is almost like a sloth, just cuter. If you’ve seen how chill its movements are, you’ll also get an idea why it’s resting most of the time. A koala, on average, spends 22 hrs asleep. That’s about a day’s worth of sleep every day in its lifetime.

Most humans would rather develop or create something worthy when they’re awake. These animals, however, won’t have none of that—it’s the price you pay for being too ‘chill’.

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