Sleep Isn’t for the Weak: The Astonishing Boons of Snoozing

Haven’t you noticed how cranky or irritable you are when you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep after a long time? Yes, sleep can brighten your mood and more. However, it doesn’t only do wonders for your emotional health—it also does great things for your overall well-being.

Exercise and a healthy diet are part of the process of getting to your ideal health, but it all starts with sleep. Here’s why you should change your opinion of sleeping as just resting a tired body.

Sleeping helps with Memory

Those who lost a lot of time not sleeping in their childhood may suffer loss of memory in their old age. That’s because when we sleep, our minds become like computers; while we aren’t aware of it, it processes things we’ve done during the day when we awake. It’s how we master some things.

Sleep gives you ‘Immortality’

Well, we do fall asleep when we die, but sleeping—or getting the required amount of sleep—helps us live longer. A study done on people between the ages of 50 and 80 revealed that six hours or more of sleep helps people live longer. Obviously, we also are more active and alert when we’ve gotten our required hours of sleep.

Sleep helps your Body heal

When we get our required several hours sleeping, our body slows down and gets more rest. This also helps in curbing certain diseases. Problems with the heart, results like stroke, arthritis, and diabetes are only some of the possible problems the body faces when it lacks sleep over a long time.

Ideally Creating Ideas

When we get a good night’s rest, we become more alert. Our minds are more creative as well. Studies have pointed to sleep as an aid to repurposing your memories. Hence, when we get more sleep, we get more ideas as well, leading to more creativity in our activities.

When we get more sleep, we also get less cranky. This is better for all the people around us and for us, as we win more friends by sleeping—it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

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