Farmer’s Market To Store Front: Local Woman Sells Popular Salsa Recipe To National Chain



If you’ve been to the local farmer’s market, chances are good that you’ve at some point tried Helen Greensville’s delicious homemade salsa.

Helen has been making her preservative free, fresh salsa for over 20-years and has found great success in selling her salsa by the jar (and sometimes case) at the local farmer’s market. According to Helen, she started selling her popular salsa (per the encouragement of her friends and family) at the farmer’s market about 8-years ago, and claims she has hardly missed a week.

Helen’s special homemade salsa has won several ‘recipe of the year’ awards, so it’s no surprise that it eventually caught the attention of some big brands. According to Helen, she has received various offers over the year, but none that really sparked her interest.

That is until – the popular health store chain Healthy Grains reached-out at the end of 2016 with an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Lucky for us…beginning mid-2017, we won’t have to wait for Sunday to roll around if we’re craving some of Helen’s salsa, we can just drop by our local Healthy Grains and pick-up a jar.

Helen told reporters that it’s currently unclear who much her salsa will be selling for once it hits the shelves, but she is hopeful that the price will be very similar to the price tag that fans of her salsa have come to expect at the farmer’s market.

Jars of Helen’s famous salsa (Image Courtesy of Helen Greensville)

We asked Helen if she still plans to sell her salsa at the farmer’s market once it’s on the shelves of Healthy Grains and she said, “I’m not really sure, I may be prohibited from independently selling the product, but you never know – I have always wanted to learn the jam and jelly business”.