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Tiny House Storage Ideas & Solutions

Living in regular-sized homes with plenty of space for closets, lockers and shelves gives us little need to think about storage space. In tiny homes, space comes at a premium so storage space is one of the key issues that a tiny house owner will have to plan for when building, buying or furnishing their home. There is only so much we can downsize by moving to a tiny home, so planning for storage space is an integral part of preparation for tiny living.


Tiny houses for sale in Florida have tiny floor plans. There is only so much space to put things on the floor, and once bare necessities such as beds, kitchen elements etc. are taken care of, there is little space left to put all of our stuff. Verticality is key in these situations. Wall-mounted shelving is excellent for organizing your stuff and it doesn’t demand a single inch of your floor. They are also quite inexpensive and easy to install. Instead of having an entertainment center, it is now easy to mount your TV and speakers on the wall, leaving more space for things you can’t compromise with.


Multi-functional Furniture

In a tiny house, a bed doesn’t have the luxury to be just a bed. It needs to perform multiple functions, where storage is one of the most important ones. The same applies to coffee and night tables, sofas and kitchen elements. Beds can have drawers for your linens, or room for storage under their mattress. Instead of a regular coffee table, opt in for a cube design, where multiple storage drawers are integrated for all those small things you don’t have space for.

Customized Furniture

Sometimes it is difficult to furnish a tiny home, especially if it doesn’t use a standard floor plan. Customized furniture is a huge advantage in tiny homes, where space is at a premium. You can make sure that every single corner and nook of your house can be used in a functional way. The same applies to storage. A well-placed shelf or locker, can perform a very important function while not taking up much space or by utilizing and otherwise unused space. Customized furniture does come at a premium price, but it is one of those investments you will not lose any sleep over once you are living in your tiny home.

Tiny Appliances

Every piece of furniture and appliance you put into your tiny home, will make you compromise on something else. Tiny living is about downsizing your living space to bare necessities but that has a different meaning for different people. In order to create more space for storing stuff you can’t live without, making some sacrifices when it comes to appliances is important. Instead of a full-sized stove, opt in for a dual heat-plate design that will take up less space. A small refrigerator works fine, just like a large two-door model. Also shopping more frequently for fresh groceries will lead you to a healthier lifestyle and diet. A fold out dinning-table in the kitchen, saves you the space that you might need for a dining table. Tiny appliances and gadgets do tend to have a higher price than standard ones, but they provide so much more than function to tiny home dwellers.