Month: February 2018

A Sleepy Debate: Chinese-Made and American-Made Memory Foams—The Difference

There have been many things said about and experienced with American- and Chinese-made memory foams. As a rule of thumb, American-made foam mattresses have a higher quality than Chinese-made ones, but that may be unfair, as the Chinese have been improving their products as of late.

What makes people think that Chinese-made mattresses are of lower quality? Why would you choose American-made mattresses? Here are a few ideas about that.

Density is Not There

Memory foams are high-quality because of their supposed density. This density is important because it helps the mattress retain its quality and help it in keeping its owner’s preferred posture. The problem with Chinese quality foams is that they sacrifice quality for the quantity of delivery. American-made foams retain this, at the expense of exporting more quality.

Questionable Quality

Chinese-made memory foams are currently flooding the US market right now, but their reputation has always been the same; the rebound quality is not the same and it becomes more firm as your room gets colder. People are getting worried about the chemical smell, a normal characteristic of Chinese memory foams.

American-made Foams last longer

Not all is bad about Chinese-quality foams. These models are softer than the more expensive models. Some models also have innovations, like gel-hybrid foams. However, their durability is still question. More expensive American models also do not contour as easily as Chinese models.

Non-Toxic to the Environment

Chemicals are used in creating foams and in China, companies sometimes cut corners by sacrificing quality control. That’s a reason why American-made foams can be quite expensive—they don’t sacrifice anything and are US-certified.

Questionable Fillers

As a result of lighter quality control restrictions, Chinese-made foams are made of suspect quality. They usually have fillers in the range of clay, stone dust, and lead—a poisonous substance to humans. If you’re buying foams, you should be aware of this fact.

If you’re looking for cheaper quality foams, never sacrifice your safety. It would be still better to buy a fairly expensive memory foam from the US rather than play the foam sweepstakes with Chinese-made foams.

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