10 Heart-Warming Examples Of Bikers STEPPING UP And SAVING THE DAY


Bikers Stepping Up And Saving The DayTypically, when we hear about bikers or motorcycle clubs, its accompanied by scary and often violent news, however, the biker and motorcycle enthusiast community is HUGE (according to Statista-there were nearly 8.5 million motorcycles registered throughout the United States in 2014) and members of the motorcycle community often do a lot of good within their community…. A LOT OF GOOD!

Here are just 10 examples of bikers stepping-up and doing awesome things for those in their communities!


#1) – Michigan Bikers Encourage Students To Read And Make Sure They Have Plenty Of Books!

A group of Michigan bikers say that motorcycles are something they love, but they also understand the importance of reading and literacy.

Bikers for Books
Bikers for Books meeting with children at Paddock Elementary – (Photo courtesy of Bikers for Books website)

They founded the Bikers for Books charity which gets kids excited about reading. The bikers have been visiting schools and donating books for the past 3-years!

Bikers for Books
Bikers for Books members reading to elementary school class – (Photo courtesy of Bikers for Books website)

The members of Bikers for Books say that they want to make a difference in their community – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

***If you’re interested in learning more about Bikers for Books check out their website!

Source: WILX


#2) – Heroic Woman Leaps Off Motorcycle To Save Tiny Kitten From Busy Intersection

Bikers save kitten
Woman leaps off motorcycle to save helpless kitten (Screenshot courtesy of You Tube)

While waiting for a stop light to change a brave woman spotted a helpless kitten in the middle of a busy intersection and sprang into action!

The woman leaped from her bike and dodged several cars as she rushed to grab the tiny kitten.

Bikers save kitten
Woman saves tiny kitten and stores her in motorcycle helmet – (Image courtesy of Reddit)

It’s not clear where the kitten originated from, however, the motorcyclist believes she fell out of a passing car.

The woman did attempt to contact the kitten’s owner, however, has since adopted her and has given her the fitting name – Skidmark. Way to SAVE THE DAY!

Source: Country Living